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ARC Acupuncture Clinic

          We at ARC Acu Clinic, are CERTIFIED ACUPUNCTURISTS, located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, INDIA.  Doctors here are capable of treating various health ailments using Naturopathic methods and different flavors of Acupuncture like Traditional Acupuncture, Classical Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Sujok Acupuncture, Tungs Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture & Gua Sha Therapy.

          Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used systems of healing in the world.  Acupuncture is a technique that involves the stimulation of specific anatomic locations over the body to promote natural healing and to improve its functioning.  Stimulation is produced by the insertion of fine sterile needles into the skin.  Manual pressure, Electrical stimulation, Homeopuncture, Bloodletting, Cupping, Moxibustion, Radionics, Herbal supplements and Massage are also given, if needed.

          Continued research has shown that acupuncture has the ability to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and trigger the release of endorphins and enkalphins – the body’s own opiate-like chemicals to control pain.  

          The number of treatment sessions necessary to treat a particular condition varies.  In general, an acute condition will respond more quickly than a chronic condition.

          The World Health Organization (WHO) Interregional Seminar drew up the following provisional list of diseases that lend themselves to acupuncture treatment effectively.

          To know more, your queries can be E-mailed to our Acupuncturists, at “arcacuclinic@gmail.com / saiacupuncturetherapy@gmail.com” or call to Clinic mobile numbers.

For appointments to meet acupuncturists, please Call:


(Please fix an appointment before visiting)


          Arc Acu Clinic has been getting a lot of appreciation from its Clients and Visitors for its accuracy and Results; as well as for the Unique Services provided under one roof.

Locate us using Google Maps or Wikimapia.     

“V Love 2 serve U”,





44 Responses

  1. I need treatment for a patient (Male36 years)who is well in all respect but has either o desire for sex or inability for the act.Kindly advise me how long the treatment will take (approximately) and the charges involved and wether the treatment will be painful. What is the probablity of success.I wil be out of town for 3 weeks and wil contact you again in
    end of December.

  2. Hi Dr Chandrasekhar,
    I am ibased in Bangalore. I wanted to know the following:
    1. How effective is acupuncture in treating psoriasis?
    2. How many days required to treat hand and foot dry psoriasis.
    3. Is it curable using Acupuncture?
    4. How many sessions required and what is the cost involved?


  3. Hi Dr Chandrashekar,

    I (age 32) have Acid reflux since 16 months ( developed after 2nd child was born). LES is LAX as per endoscopy. Some crap doctor a year ago prescribed high dose antibiotics for hpylori (no biopsy was done to confirm, he just asked me take those poison, he is not a gastro doc), since then my life has become living hell. I have developed gastritis (have it for 12 months), I have burning in my stomach and pain in the esophagus, sometimes it’s too bad..I end up crying and not wanting to live. I was able to manage without or very little medication prior to taking those antibiotics. Now I find it very hard without those PPI’s and it seems that they too are not working for me. Wanted to know if Gastritis is curable and can GERD be controlled thru acupunture with very little western medication.

    Also please let me know the cost of the treatment and the number of sessions.


  4. Hi All,

    Taking this opportunity, I am posting here Our success story of CONCEIVING NATURALLY,

    Many Thanks to Arc Acu Clinic for Acupuncture Therapy.
    contact numbers: 9980204304,9845705071,9480337190

    6 months back in Jan 2013 when we started to plan for our baby, We came across few very tuff-hurdles like
    1)Low AMH 0.4nmh,low and defective sperm count. We both were shattered and fear began growing day by day(very horrifying days and nights).
    2)Meanwhile, we underwent 3 IUI cycles but, all 3 failed.
    3)Next 1 IVF cycle, again no result.
    4)Now, doctors started suggesting for Donor EGG. Can’t imagine what was happening with us.

    Then we started to get positive results when we contacted Arc Acu Clinic for Acupuncture Therapy.
    1)Within one month of Acupuncture Therapy Amh Improved from .4nmh to 1.01nmh and also sperm quality improved.
    2)3rd month we got a positive pregnancy result, NATURALLY, No IUI, NO IVF.
    3)don’t loose hope and do believe in yourself.
    4)Take 3 months of Acupuncture therapy from certified specialists.
    5)Eat healthy, concentrate on fitness.
    6)keep yourself busy and calm.

    I would strongly recommend Arc Acu Clinic, for Acupuncture, Bangalore.
    plz visit them and take their valuable suggestions,follow them sincerely, and take care.

  5. Dear *,

    I would like to post one more success story created by ARC CLINIC, Bangalore.

    Iam suffering from Xerotic eczema [Winter Eczema] for past 3 years.
    Winter Eczema is a form of eczema inwhich skin becomes abnormally dry, itchy, and cracked. Symptoms become very severe during the Winter season.

    Causes :
    1) Stress
    2) Poor Eating Habits
    3) Poor lifestyle
    4) Lack of Exercise

    Symptoms :
    1) Itching – Skin will feel itchy, and scratching leads to red, rashy, and leathery skin.
    2) Some areas of the skin are cracked.
    3) The skin may be broken in places.
    4) Some areas of skin become red and inflamed.
    5) Some inflamed areas develop blisters and weep (ooze liquid).

    Treatment :
    1) Acupuncture – I have been taking treatment in ARC clinic for the past 1 month and 80% of my symptoms disappeared.

    2) Meditation – In addition to the treatment, I was advised to do Meditation to relieve the stress I carried. It really helped me a lot to be in calm & relaxed in every situation.

    Final Words :
    I heartily appreciate the treatment by the ARC Acupuncture specialists who gives the patients a good dosage of confidence to fight the ailments. They treat the ailments from the root [Including Psychological level] rather the physical level alone, with a touch of love and kindness. I strongly recommend ARC Acupuncture for all suffering from skin ailments.

    I take this opportunity to show my gratitude to ARC Acupuncturists Mr.Arvind, Mr.Rakesh and Mr.Chandru. Thank you very much. Keep it up your good work 🙂

    I pray to the almighty for a speedy recovery for all who are suffering from ailments. God Bless you all.

    Wish you all a Healthy, Happy,Successful and prosperous New Year 2014.

    Believe. Everything is Possible. Take care.

      Hi guys,

    I am Vinay, 13 years old.
    I would like to tell you about “How ACUPUNCTURE has helped me”.

    A few months ago,  I fell down badly while running and had a severe fracture & a complete dislocation of my left elbow. Luckily when I was rushed to the hospital, there was an orthopedic doctor.  I had an X ray done.

    I underwent a 2 hour surgery and the doctors said that I would recover fully in 3 months time.  But unfortunately, after some days,  I had developed a condition called Myositis.  This is a condition where a bone grows in the place of a muscle and mostly forms in muscles at the joint, therefore fully restricting my Hand movement.  This occurs only in 5 people out of a million.  The doctor said that it was literally impossible to get back full movement of my elbow.  

    Then, after a few days, one of my mom’s colleague who is also an acupuncturist offered to treat me. He said that I would recover fully in a matter of 15 to 20 days.

    I underwent  four sittings of 1 hour each.
    The result was unbelievable.  I had gained about 30 degrees of movement in my elbow in 15 days. Doctors still cannot believe that I can extend my elbow normally now.

    Acupuncture proved to be a miracle in my case,
    thanks to my Healers at ARC Acupuncture clinic.  

  7. I luv to share my success story with ARC Acu Clinic,

    Nearly after 4 yrs of marriage, we tried to have a baby but didn’t succeed naturally; then Gynecologists asked us to visit INFERTILITY centers.
    So we decided to take second opinion and other gynecologist also suggested the same.

    So we went to Infertility center and they did few tests and said that my SPERM MOTILITY is very less, and there is no chance for an IUI.

    So we decided to go for IVF, but then the Infertility center kept on saying that its only 30-40% success rate with IVF which costs around 1.6 Lakhs .
    They had given me some powerful medicines and each strip costs around Rs.1500.
    But they saw no result in my motility count.

    In the mean time I got a reference about ARC Acu Clinic and I decided to give it a chance rather than not doing anything other than taking medicines which were showing no results.

    Within 2 months of Acupuncture treatment consisting of around 10-15 sittings, the motility rate had INCREASED.
    Since we had already decided for IVF we went ahead with that and currently its successful. My wife now has conceived & is 2 months pregnant.

    My only reason to post this is to make few couples aware that even before trying for IUI and IVF, please visit any certified acupuncturist who can help you to conceive naturally.

    I have seen my wife undergo so many hurdles; daily Oil injections were given for more than 8 months & her back is full of blisters.

    So please give a try to Acupuncture.
    The doctors that we met at ARC Acu Clinic are very experienced & very reliable, they will be able to treat/help you in all your fertility related issues which I personally saw in my case.

    And thank a million to
    ARC ACU Clinic…

  8. Hello doctor,

    I am suffering from gerd for the past 2 years. I have a lax LES. I suffer from heartburn most of the time on a daily basis. Wanted to know if this can be successfully treated.


  9. Dear doctor

    I am suffering from severe head ache past from 15 days….pain comes in mid night always and i have no sleep… I have this pain two years back and i consulted doctor….i had an MRI and everything came normal….. Now again the pain has started and i am suffering a lot….

    I wanted to know if this is successfully treated…..

  10. Dear Doctor,
    I would like to know whether tinnitus ( ringing in the ear) can be cured with Accupunture? If so how many sittings are required and how much is the approximate total charges.

  11. Dear Doctor Chandrashekar

    My mother is suffering from trigeminal neurologia from years. Presently she has been prescribed carbamazepene/Tegritol 200 mg daily. She is a patient of HTN, high cholesterol triglycerides, diabetic and on medications for all the above. She has also undergone angioplasty 2 years ago. Now the main concern is her TN pain which is sometimes unbearable. My doubts are :

    a) cure/pain relief in acupuncture?
    b) any adverse reactions? Any chance of pain worsening if not reducing?
    c) is it safe?

    I have heard that there is a cure for this in Sa Am Acupuncture?

    Kindly clarify.

  12. Dear doctor,

    My mother suffers from retinal degeneration which is making her unable to read. I came across the Santa Fe protocol which is acupuncture based on ancient Chinese techniques.

    I read on your website that you treat eye disorders. Do you think you can help?


  13. Hi,
    My friend is suffering from irregular periods. She is suffering from one year, consulted the doctors but has gone in vain. Is this the right and safe way to go through?

  14. Acupuncture helps in conceiving naturally!

    I and my wife were trying for a kid from some time. We tried naturally for a few cycles but it didn’t work out.
    So doctor advised us to start with ovulation induction. From that time, we went through several ovulation induction and IUI cycles that spanned for 1.5 years.
    During the last six months of this period, we also found that my wife’s AMH has come down to a very low level (~0.3). And towards the end of this period, we even went through the half IVF cycle where she was given injections but there was hardly any right egg to continue.

    At this time, we came to know about the benefits of acupuncture and thought to give it a shot at ARC Acu Clinic.

    Here, doctors suggested that it would be very beneficial if we both (Husband / Wife) take acupuncture sessions.
    So we both went through 5 weeks of acupuncture treatment (Two sessions per week). After this, ARC doctors advised us to take a break from the treatment and try naturally for one cycle to see if it benefits.
    And it worked!
    In that cycle, my wife conceived and is now into the third months of pregnancy at the time of writing this post.

    I am highly obliged to all the treating doctors (Arvind, Rakesh, & Chandrashekar) at ARC Acu Clinic, and though I cannot express my gratitude with words,
    I still want to say, Thank You!

    • We at ARC are so happy for you and your wife…
      ARC wishes you both great days ahead.

      Happy Christmas
      Happy new year-2015

  15. Hi,

    Am Sunil Nagaraj aged 45 yrs. I’m one among the lucky few who has been immensely benefitted by Acupuncture at ARC ACU CLINIC.

    I had recently injured myself while playing cricket. I could hardly move my shoulder and the pain was unbearable. Upon consulting renowned Orthopaedicians, I was informed that, there was some fluid collection in my shoulder because of jarring of the tendons. Since the problem didn’t require any interventional procedure, I was advised a series of physiotherapy sittings with exercises. Even after several such sittings I couldn’t find much improvement in my situation. Yes, I should admit, there would be relief after each sitting. But the pain would recur eventually.

    At this time upon the advice & insistence of my sister I decided to try acupuncture remedy. Wow! Was I glad, I tried this? My heartfelt thanks to all doctors at ARC, the very first session with him itself resulted in me moving my hand freely which was almost immovable for almost 20 days. Believe me all, I had only two sessions with him and lord bless him, I’m now rid of all ailments related to my shoulder!

    So, ending this long post of mine, I would like to pledge my complete support and wholeheartedly attest the cure by this wonder remedy called ACUPUNCTURE!

    Sunil Nagaraj

    • Thankyou for posting your views regarding Acupuncture and ARC Acu Clinic-Dr. Chandrashekar MG 

  16. Hello Doctors… at ARC

    Thank you very very much. Acupuncture helped me a lot in gaining self confidence, Positive Thinking.

    I came to know about Acupuncture through my friend-colleague who got benefits through acupuncture treatment.
    When i started the treatment, I Was not sure whether it will work for me; as i was not knowing much about acupuncture !! and already I had spent much on my treatment with other Hospitals, until i met Doctors and got information about acupuncture at ARC Acu Clinic.
    I thank them as they have been very inspiring, treating my issues and counseling me the right way.

    Guys Acupuncture really works!!
    Be it any problems or issues,,,,,give a try and see the MIRACLE

    Thank you

  17. I strongly recommend Acupuncture to all my friends who are in need of medical attention

  18. Hi,

    This is the second post of mine on this blog.
    I’m Sunil Nagaraj, aged 45 yrs and had been previously benefited by the treatment rendered at ARC Acu Clinic.

    Here’s an other feather in the cap for this great therapy at this Clinic !!!

    My wife developed severe knee joint problem all of a sudden and had difficulty in even getting up from bed. She visited an Ortho specialist near the house. A battery of tests were done and she was diagnosed as having Vitamin C & D deficiency. As usual, she was put on medications & pain killers and was advised not to exert pressure on the particular knee. In short, no normal chores also.

    I convinced my wife to give acupuncture a chance, to try any magic upon her.
    And lo, one sitting and a sound advice from Doctors, she was up and about the very next morning!!!!!

    We are truly indebted to this treatment and wish all the Doctors all the best in their future in providing similar treatments to countless people in distress.

  19. Dear Doctor,
    I would like to know whether tinnitus ( ringing in the ear) can be cured with Accupunture? If so how many sittings are required and how much is the approximate total charges.This is for my father who has tinnitus in 1 year. He is also a diabetic. Will there be any side effects. Pls send me the details at archu.piscean@gmail.com.


  20. Acupuncture worked wonders for me!
    For several months, I had a severe migraine attacks & since I didn’t want to take allopathic medications for migraine, I consulted acupuncturist at ARC Acu Clinic.
    Once started with the treatment I could feel lot of improvements. Finally got totally rid of migraine. Doctors here check the pulse first and then proceed with the treatment. They changed my diet and altered a few simple changes according to my body composition based on my pulse. In few months my migraine did vanish and I have no hints of it now.

    Later, I did continue acupuncture treatment for PCOD issues too which was hindering in conceiving. Few months after treatment my PCOD issue resolved and kudos I got positive in PREGNANCY test too now !!

    Acupuncture is really a wonderful way of getting rid of most of the diseases & pains; as there are no side effects, treatments not painful. I strongly recommend acupuncture to my friends and relatives.
    Thank you to all Doctors at Arc Acu Clinic.
    Thanks a lot !!

  21. This post is to re-iterate belief in Acupuncture.
    I suffered from several instances of vertigo followed by severe nausea and Tinnitus. These happened in intermittent gaps and with no specific trigger. With just 3 sittings, I have been feeling much better over the last 15 days.
    All thanks to Doctors at ARC.

  22. Hello doctor,
    I have been suffering from pcos from past 8 years. My only concern is acne due to pcos. Will this be cured through Acupuncture. Kindly help me.

  23. Dear doctor,

    I have been experiencing ringing in the ears from past one month and I got MRI, CT scan and Autoimmune profile blood test and reports states as everything is normal. I am taking injection to my ears from 1 months weekly once.

    I want to consult you.

    Is there is treatment for this

    My email id is rahim.evolution@gmail.com


  24. Hello Sir,
    Good Afternoon!!
    I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (Bloody stools with mucus) and Bowel Incontinence since 2014. I have taken various Allopathic homeopathic and Ayurvedic Treatments but the disease is getting relapsed again and again. Can we permanently cure Ulcerative colitis with Bowel Incontinence by Accupuncture so that it will not reoccur?

    Thanks in Anticipation.


  25. Dr.
    I have high BP and now am found that I have sugar as well as cholestrol. Is there a cure for this in Accupuncture. I am taking allopathy medicines for sugar and cholestrol for the last 1 week and BP for about 6 years now.



  26. Hello my daughter Fathiya sultana 7 years old suffering from glaucoma her eye pressure is always high 30 in both eyes now doctors advised to do trabuculartomy operation to reduce eye pressure but this operation may continue in future day by day she is losting her vision it is in advance stage is acupuncture helps to reduce eye pressure please reply me your reply can save my daughter vision please

  27. I blog quite often and I genuinely appreciate your information. Your article has really peaked my interest. I will take a note of your site and keep checking for new information about once a week. I opted in for your Feed as well.

  28. Really a great acupuncture doctor in Bangalore

  29. Thanks for your treatment Dr.
    I had a long standing issue with my eyes which was rectified by Your acupuncture treatment and made me very comfortable.

  30. Thanks You for the treatment Dr.
    My gastric and stomach problems got rectified after acupuncture treatment. I now feel comfortable and happy.

  31. I was suffering from severe migraine from several years. Treatment at ARC made me fine. I got better results. I feel happy. Thank you so much sir.

  32. Hi,
    I am 3 7 years I had bell’s palsy when I was 14 last was treated with allopathy and physiotherapy but I have fully not recovered so my question is will acupuncture help me now since it’s been so long??

  33. A strong filter coffee…….with lots of Sugar. That was my habit till Aug 2017. I was diagnosed with high diabetic condition with RBS of 440 units and HbA1C of 8 scale. Initially, I was on allopathic medicine and my glucose levels were maintained. Though, I wanted to reverse the early diabetic course, I wasn’t sure what to follow and which alternative medicine system to follow to reduce the side effects of allopathic medicines.

    I met Dr. Chandrashekar while taking my mother for her knee pain treatment. When we initially discussed about my condition, he was very sure that the condition can be reversed, but I wasn’t very sure as the due to lack on information on Acupuncture. After detailed discussion with doctor discussing about how 6000+ energy points in our body can be energised/controlled/stimulated, I made up my mind to try out Acupuncture for diabetic reversal as it wasn’t involving any oral medicines.

    The best part of treatment was that he suggested change in my diet plan along with what to consume and what to avoid. Best thing to getting away from Sugar/While Salt and Wheat/Maida. I started seeing changes within me in 2 months where I lost close 6 KGs and started feeling light.

    It’s been 6 months now and I happy to see the diabetic reversal process. My HbA1c was at 8 last year and came down to 6.2 during April’18 and now I am at 5.7 as of Aug’2018. An assuring doctor’s confidence, with balanced diet & strict walking regime helped me reverse my condition.

    From recent ago, I started advocating my friends & relatives to look for Acupuncture as alternate medicine system to address their health woes and for sure suggesting the Arc Acu Clinic as first choice as I personally benefited with it.

    Dr. Chandashekar with his abundant knowledge/experience and with his witty timely punchlines, keep up patients’ health as his paramount goal and ensures the “Better Health for All” motto.

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