Why not, NOODLES?

Yes, Noodles can be cooked in an instant, but your body requires a great deal of time to recover from its ill effects.  Be careful when selecting regular noodles or while eating instant noodles.

Most of the noodles sold are wax coated.

Animals feed; man eats; only a man of wit knows how and what to eat.

– The Physiology of Taste (1825)

Yes! This wax is not just in the styrofoam containers, but it coats the noodles too. This is why the noodles do not stick to each other when cooked.  Many a times noodle manufacturing companies tried to cover it by saying, its just “Potato starch”.  But, If you examine the noodles available in the market, you will notice that, in their uncooked state the noodles are oily. This layer of oil prevents the noodles from sticking.

Plus the added MSG makes it worse.

Part of the secret of success in life is to healthily eat what you like and

let the food fight it out inside – Anonymous

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a “flavor enhancer” used to improve the taste of sweet, salty, bitter, or sour foods. Supposedly, it has a pleasant flavor of its own. Instant noodle makers use it to make their sweet flavors “sweeter” or sour flavors “more sour.”

“People allergic to MSG can get burning sensations, chest and facial flushing, or pain and headaches from it”.  The MSG present in the flavored packets can harm people on low sodium.

Flavored noodles are also high in sodium.

Tummy is neither a Garbage collector nor a grinder, its an Integral part

of a divine system – Pops

Our body needs up to 3-5 days to clear this wax, depending upon the health condition of the consumer.  If the body doesn’t have the capacity to throw the accumulated wax, it can lead to many small intestine or large intestine related problems.  It can also lead to malignancy.

Noodles do not contain any vitamins or proteins.  To make noodles healthier add different varieties of vegetables and greens to it.  This makes noodles a healthier meal to consume.

Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people – Elizabeth Berry

Right way of cooking Regular/instant noodles

  1. Boil the noodles in water.
  2. Once the noodles are cooked, take out the noodles, drain the water which contains wax and repeat it again if needed.
  3. Boil fresh water (can also add Carrot Juice, as much required). Now add taste maker and cooked noodles to it.
  4. Now put off the fire.
  5. However, if you need dry noodles, toss the taste maker directly to the cooked noodles.
  6. Add your choice of fresh cooked greens and vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, finely chopped carrots, beans or grated zucchini etc).
  7. Do not forget seasoning by adding a pinch of turmeric power, few garlic slices and grated ginger.  This helps digestion, even if there are traces of wax remaining.

Before eating, always take time to pray, offer your love and

respect to the food – Guruji Krishnananda


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  1. Great and nice article, all of us should follow as per it.
    Love the Proverbs!

  2. nice one Doc!

    Great information….. Good ONE

  3. Your way of conveying knowledge is Gr8…

    I love the way you insert Proverbs, all are good and timely insertions – I Feel

    – Post More

  4. Good one Da!!

    thanx for such valuable informations


  5. Beautiful information, Sir

    Im a bachelor, i used to do this mistake everytime and now i know why im was suffering from Chronic constipation.

    Once again, I thank you

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