Shree Vishnusahasranama

           Shree Vishnusahasranama is one of the most sacred stotras chanted by Hindus since Vedic periods.  It was originally composed by Sage Veda Vyaasa, author of many Eternal Compositions’ like Mahabharatha, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas and various stotras related to many Hindu Deities.

“If GOD is Generator-Operator-Destroyer, it is the ‘O’ that makes you say OMG! all the time” –  Anonymous

           Vishnusahasranaama used as a Vedic recital is also adopted in a specific ways (Check the Free PDF for more details) to remove any ills associated with planetary afflictions, health problems, and other problems.  The original manuscript quotes Men and Women can recite it any time, any place. 

           The best method is to chant it during “Early hours, the Brahmi muhurtha” after a few rounds of Pranayama.  This method helps tune the entire Being along with the unseen subtler systems operating within.

         Though listening is good, loud recitation is suggested as it activates few important naadis through the stressing & twisting of the tongue.

          Another form of practice for meditators (as taught by Shirdi Sainath) is to just take one name from the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu and meditate on its meaning and vastness. For example, one of the thousand names is “Ambho nidhi” which translates as” He who is the ultimate sojourn to devas, manushyas, asuras and pitrus’ or He who has kept himself in the ocean to carry the worlds”.

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

– Albert Einstein

(More details of “Shree Vishnusahasranama” is given in the free PDF below, please download it in your preferred language).

  Few examples of Vishnusahasranama as quoted in classical texts:

        In Brihat Paraashar Horaa Shaastra, the Sage Parashara frequently recommends the recitation of the Vishnusahasranama as the best remedial measure for any planetary afflictions and to obtain relief from any evil effects [ch 56 Verse 30].

            Father of Medicine, Charaka in his famous Charak Samhita quotes “If all the medications (recommended or non-recommended) fail in providing result or relief, then one should recite Shree Vishnusahasranam in full faith.” [Chikitsaa Sthaanam; Ch 8, Verse 311].

Vishnum Sahastra Moordhaanam Charaachara patim vibhum |
stavan naam sahastren jwaraan sarvaan vyapohati ||

              (Meaning, “When one applauds & praises Lord Vishnu, Lord of this Creation, all types of illness will leave them”).  

“GOD loves each of us as if there were only one of us”

– St. Augustine


 Download Shree Vishnusahasranama FreePDF

in your preffered language

Vishnusahasranama in ENGLISH

Vishnusahasranama in Kannada

Vishnusahasranama in Sanskrit

Vishnusahasranama in Telugu

Vishnusahasranama in Tamil

Vishnusahasranama in Malayalam

Vishnusahasranama in Gujarathi

Vishnusahasranama in Bengali

Vishnusahasranama in Hindi

                   ” Learn it EASY WAY”…. Just play the audio and follow the shlokas given in the Free PDF, give importance to your pronunciation, within a week you will MASTER it !

Watch Shree Vishnusahasranama Video sung by M.S.S along with lyrics


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