Water Therapy


          Practitioners need to know all the below said important information’s before practicing WATER THERAPY or USHA KAALA CHIKITSA (As in Sanskrit).

Nothing is softer, tastier or more flexible than water – Egyptian proverb


          Tasteless yet tasty, boring yet absorbing, DULL yet HEALTHY!!! – Yes it is Water. It is a solvent with unique hidden qualities.

          There are many methods that can help to release and cleanse toxins accumulated in the body. Generally advocated are specific drugs, exercises, massages and some alternative therapies. Water therapy tops the list, used as an alternative method to release and cleanse the toxins in the body. For years, many alternative therapists have used this therapy successfully with no side effects.

          It is an ancient Therapy that was practiced in India, Egypt, Rome, Japan, China, and other cultures to detoxify the body, naturally. Ancient Indians and Egyptians used it as one the most important methods for curing several diseases.

          Water is one of the five most fundamental elements that the body require like air, earth, fire and space. Being a natural solvent for most chemicals, enzymes, hormones and other things it gives natural remedy to most of the diseases. Be it rain water, pond water, well water or from any other source, water has got its own therapeutic effect on living beings.

          Water has a high surface tension because of which it has a high capillary action.  Due to this capillary action, water (and its dissolved chemicals) can move through the tiny blood vessels in the body and through the roots of the plant to its entirety.


           An adult human body is a bag of water, approximately 60% in Male and 57% in Female. It needs only 10-20 minutes for the body to throw excess water consumed. But for regular water it takes nearly 6 hours to redistribute the assimilated water inside the body and this time varies with the water used. If Boiled and cooled water is used, it takes around 3 hours while natural spring water takes around 2 hours. So it is always best to use water boiled and cooled (naturally) for drinking purposes. More over when water is boiled and cooled (naturally) it gets charged additionally with more energy and will gain more capacity to charge body at cellular level and clear the blocks in the flow channels. To know more about how to charge water naturally, i would recommend you to read Masaru Emoto’s “Messages from Water“.

          In TCM, water element balances Urinary system. Any imbalance in water element can result in problems relating to this system and a FEAR filled emotion.

          In Ayurveda, water represents soma (nectar) that essentially has cooling effect and is associated with Lunar Energies.  It balances Pitta  dosha, supports Kapha dosha and counteracts Vata dosha.


1.  Practitioners should brush their teeth’s previous night before going to sleep.

2.  People practicing and who intend to practice “Water Therapy” should only use boiled and cooled (naturally) water or spring water.

3.  Practitioners should have a balanced healthy diet and should avoid irregular food timings during the practice (Strictly).

4.  At least half an hour after drinking water do not consume coffee, tea or any snacks.

5.  Those who consume alcohol should avoid water therapy the following day, else this will lead to few stomach related problems.

6.  Some times minor problems (which already exists in body) may aggravate before diminishing which looks like side effects, when you start Water Therapy. Generally, this is considered a good sign of recovery. If the aggravated condition persists for more than 2-3 days it is advisable to meet your doctor.


Day 1 & 2: Previous night before going to bed, boil and let cool approximately 500ml of water. Generally boiled and cooled water is good for water therapy. Consume (at once) this water as soon as you wake up early in the morning, and then later brush your teeth’s. Do not consume any thing after this for at least half an hour.

Day 3 & 4: Continue the above procedure but increase quantity of water to 750 ml.

Day 5 & 6: Continue the above procedure but increase quantity of water to 1000 ml i.e., 1 liter (0.2642 gallons).

Day 7 & 8: Continue the above procedure but increase quantity of water to 1250 ml i.e., 1.25 liters.

Day 9 & 10: Continue the above procedure but increase quantity of water to 1500 ml i.e., 1.5 liters (0.3963 gallons)

Day 10 & later: Consume 1500 ml of water daily. (After 10th day do not increase the quantity of water)

          Any new practice involving body organs extensively needs patience, and it should be started slowly step-by-step (as said above) for good results.

          Consuming water early in the morning should thus be practiced for at least 6 months (or until the desired result is obtained) continuously without any breaks in-between to obtain maximum results, naturally.


          On the physical level, Water Therapy helps to heal a number of ailments like:

1. Helps remove wrinkles and dryness in Skin, helps skin to Glow

2. Gastro-enteritis, Dysentery, Constipation

3. Hyper acidity and some stomach related problems

4. High Cholesterol, Blood pressure

5. Some Urogenital diseases, irregular menstruation, rectal prolapse

6. Several forms of Headaches, Migraines, Sinusitis, Common Cold

7. Cools the body by reducing excess wind and heat present.

8. Obesity, Over weight problems

9. Dehydration and its related problems

10. Removes fatigue

          On the meta-physical level, Water helps to heal “the mind by calming it”

As irrigators lead water where they want, the wise use water – Unknown

           Remember, (If you are seriously ill or a long time chronic sufferer) most of the diseases are healed not by water therapy alone but in combination with other therapies and a healthy diet. So consulting an alternative therapist before starting Water Therapy would be a better idea.


          Water Therapy does not have any side effects, though people many times feel some old diseases cropping up with varied degrees. Giddiness, loose motions, itchy skin, dryness of tongue, flatulence, increased thirst are few complaints registered after starting Water Therapy. Do not worry; it will fade away in a day or two. If it prolongs, then consult a doctor immediately.

          Drinking too much of water than the requirements of body can lead to Hyponatremia causing low Sodium (Salts) in the blood fluids out side the cells.  

          Children’s (under 12 years) and Pregnant’s should consult an alternative therapist/doctor before starting Water therapy.



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  1. I love it!! Great way to get the message out. Keep writing.

  2. Thanks, for considering my picture, Uncle.
    I’ll drink more water as said.
    I liked this article.
    Keep it up, Great Uncle!

  3. Thanks for outpouring such an important knowledge for us all…. in a simple layman’s language
    Its been nearly 2 months i have started this therapy after meeting you, and im really happy to inform you HOW GREAT IM FEELING THESE DAYS !!
    Thanks a lot

  4. Well composed document, I appreciate ur work for adding all the composites reqd.
    I have started it, if i need any help in this regard, can i mail you?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Thanx for your support and concern,
    im really happy for the frankness and the way you respond..
    Thanx a lot, for all the suggestions you have mailed which i shall keep in mind.
    Have a nice day
    -John Lewin

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    i wish more doctors blog *Important informations* like you.
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  9. Lovely information’s SIR.
    It is clear & has all the reqrd informations to kickstart.
    I have read many books on this subject, but this is really what i call the nutshell of it all

  10. nice information

  11. i started this 2 weeks back, im feeling very light these days. Though i had rashes for a 4-5 days, i did not skip WT, but gradually it went off. Now im feeling light and better and i dont have any rash problems
    thank you for such a nice information

  12. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the valuable information. I have a query on how much should we drink on the later part of the day apart from the 1.5 liters taken in the morning. I have been reading about the negatives of too much intake of water. Please suggest a schedule to consume the required water through the day. My concentration is on Weight loss and for now, I don’t have any issues pertaining to health.

    Thanks and best regards

  13. Nice doctor,
    good information to spread and practice.
    keep up

  14. Respected Sir,

    I am experiencing slight headache which will stay till afternoon after starting the water therapy. I have started this therapy 7 days back drinking 1.5 liters right from day one.

    Day before yesterday, I came across your article on water therapy which says that we should start slowly regarding the quantity intake.

    Do you feel that my slight headache is due to access water from day one? and if so, shall I start the therapy again as suggested by you pertaining to quantities?

    Thank you very much for the help that you are extending sir.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  15. I appreciate ur work
    Informations in “Water Therapy” and “Sugar, a sweet poison” has made me think a lot.
    Thanks for such a valuable information.
    “God Bless you”
    ..Hope we can see much more informations of this sort


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  22. can water therapy heal diabetics?

  23. hi, just want to know if i will do this only in the morning? i’ll just drink it in one sitting? i want to loose weight at the same time to healthy. thanks for the article.

  24. sir,
    Iam doing this therapy for the past 1 week, I have fatty liver due alcohol consumption will this help in bringing down the condition. Kindly reply

  25. Hi, just have some questions in mind..Will i drink it in one sitting only?? is it in the morning only?? How much should we drink on the later part of the day apart from the 1.5 liters taken in the morning? Please suggest a schedule to consume the required water through the day..

    Thanks a lot and god bless..

  26. Hello ~

    I have been doing this for a week. 1.5 liters each morning. Two questions:

    1. How bad is it to have a beer or two the night before? I would like to enjoy a drink occasionally, but don’t want to break the cycle. Which is worse? Skipping a day or doing the therapy after having a couple drinks the night before?

    2. I saw a site that says to work your way up to a GALLON. This is supposedly from ancient Chinese medicine. Is this valid?????

    Please respond…it is so hard to find someone to talk to who actually knows about water therapy!

    Thank you,


  27. hello,

    I am taking psychotic medicine 50 mg at night. can i do the water therappy. does it will create any problem.

    second query is after taking 1.5 ltres of water how much water we can have in later hours?

    Thank you.

  28. Hello Doctor,

    Thanks for sharing such a great post on Water Therapy. My husband is 38 years, slightly overweight and suffering from hight cholesterol which I suspect may be a result of a fatty liver conditon. Not many doctors seem to take this condition very seriously and none of the doctors seem to have a permanent cure for fatty liver and cholesterol. One doctor did mention that the darkening on the side of his cheeks may be a result of fatty liver. Will this water therapy help in curing the fatty liver conditon or is there any other simple home remedy like this to cure fatty liver and high cholesterol? I would greatly appreciate some advice from you regarding this matter.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  29. Hello! Thanks for this very helpful steps about how to do water therapy. I have been doing this for a week and then I tried to verify if my steps are correct.

    • Thanks for your reply..

      Perseverance and determination is what gives results Thank you, Dr.ChandrashekarG

  30. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this info. Nowadays bloggers publish only about gossips and net and this is really frustrating. A good blog with interesting content, that is what I need. Thank you for keeping this website, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

  31. Hello Doctor,

    Thank you very much for posting valuable information, please post more such information

  32. Hello doctor,

    I want to start water therapy from next week, but want to do oil pulling first than do water therapy will that matter?? as it says the water therapy should be done before brushing or washing the mouth.

    • replied to your mail

      -Dr. Chandrashekar. M.G

      • Hello doctor,

        My friend is just 26 years old. He has got fatty liver. Kindly let me know if water therapy can help cure fatty liver. Also tell us if any diet has to be followed.


  33. Can we go at morning walk after Drinking hot. Water

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