Sugar is a sweet whose long term effects aren’t Sweet at all !!!

Origin:Originally people chewed raw cane to extract sweet.  It is said that Indians during the Gupta dynasty around 350 AD discovered how to crystallize sugar.

Since its origin, it has come a long way undergoing many constitutional and structural changes.  During Industrial revolution and early 1900’s, with the increase in the number of Sugar Industries and the mode of production; the look of sugar was changed to attract more people.One such divine looking evil change sugar under went was the introduction of “Bone char” filter (Calcinated animal bone) to remove the colorization and give sugar a more refined look.

Though SUGAR looks white, it has several severe DARKER shades than can one imagine.

Refined Sugar is known as White Sugar. Generally used raw materials to produce sugar are canes or beets.White sugar doesn’t contain any structural materials, vitamins or minerals in it.In order to digest consumed sugar, it needs body’s vitamins and minerals reserve.  When these reserves are depleted, metabolization of cholesterol and fatty acid is obstructed, resulting in increased levels of triglycerides and cholesterol promoting obesity due to high fatty acid storage in and around organs.

Sugar has deep and irreparable impact on the body’s Homeostasis. Various medical journals and other publications from past few years are publishing the ill effects of sugar, but seems it’s failing to impact and bring the necessary changes.

Some major diseases body can face due to White sugar are:

1.  Sugar can make you hyperactive. Hyperactivity adds up to the existing stress levels. It can make kids to become crankier.

2.  Sugar can increase insulin levels in the body.

3.  Sugar has a major role in increased production of triglycerides.

4.  Sugar reduces the strength of the natural defense mechanism, the body possesses.

5.  Sugar can increase fasting levels of glucose.

6.  Sugar disrupts absorption of calcium and magnesium which are very essential to the body.

7.  Sugar can weaken eyesight.

8.  Sugar increases the acidity levels of the digestive tract, disrupting its natural functionality.

9.  Sugar also decreases the bowel movement, which can be just a starting point of many other major diseases.

10.  Sugar is the major cause for Obesity, which is a byproduct of raised insulin levels.

11.  Sugar can cause appendicitis, varicose veins, increased cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, gallstones, increased Systolic Blood pressure, cataracts, headaches including migraines, aggravates PMS, Osteoporosis, eczema in children and many more.

12.  Sugar may induce premature Cell death.

13.  Sugar helps you look aged by hastening the aging process.

14.  Recent study states Sugar can impair DNA structure.

Above are just a few side effects to mention; but there are as much as 150 diseases directly or indirectly related to Sugar consumption.

I have heard Sugar addicts arguing “According to Oriental Medicine, every meal should comprise all the six tastes; Sweet, Sour, Salt, Astringent, Bitter and pungent to stimulate the taste-buds of our tongue”.  – Yes it is very true, but it doesn’t mean you have to rely only on refined sugar? … It simply means addition of natural sweeteners like fruits, honey, dates syrup or jaggery.  Meal which consists of such natural stimulators not only nourishes the taste-buds but also nourish the brain in many ways.

Organic sugar alternatives like “Stevia and Xylito” are also available these days.But a best substitute I can recommend you is “Jaggery or Brown sugar” – It is dark, coarse, unrefined sugar.Jaggery is considered to be a wholesome sugar and unlike refined sugar, it retains more mineral salts in it. Moreover, the process does not involve any chemical agents.Jaggery is not introduced into the blood as rapidly as white sugar.  The use of Jaggery in India dates back to more than 2500 years. Indian ayurvedic medicine considers jaggery to be beneficial in treating throat and lung infections. When used with other medicinal herbs, it also reduces headaches, acidity and many such acute symptoms.Jaggery is widely used in India, Srilanka, Thailand, China, Japan and other parts of Asia from centuries. In Mexico and South America, similar cane products are known as “panela” or “pilocillo”.

List of disastrous foods to skip, which tremendously adds up to your calorie intake are:

1.  Sweets,

2.  Cola (any carbonated-fizz drinks),

3.  Chocolates (except dark ones with more % of cocoa content in it),

4.  Coffee & Tea (Or reduce it to just one serving a day… Not more than ONE),

5.  Junk foods.

Some Boosting Factors to quit your sugar-addiction:

1.  Recent tests confirm that reducing sugar for a longer period of time helps females regain their pre-pregnancy figure.

2.  Reducing sweets (in any form) for a period of 3 weeks at a stretch, leads the colon to cleanse by itself, which otherwise needs medication.

3.  Quitting junk foods containing artificial or refined sugar for a period of 2 weeks helps you lose weight naturally by at least a Kg (couple of pounds).

Each time you consume sugar (or any of its products) it creates an appetite for other sweets, it consumes you so fast that by the time you come to your senses you would have become a Sugar addict or a Diabetic.

If you are bitter at heart, sugar in the mouth will not help you – Greek proverb

BEWARE!!!- If you are an Eat-O-Freak, never get into the habit of eating sweets when you are depressed. You are sure to become a sugar ADDICT.


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  1. Really nice article and thanks for the info!!!
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  3. Great information.
    I observed these days many flights offer “brown sugar instead of white sugar”;May be this is the reason.
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  4. Im sure this article should be read by everybody. I shall also help in your cause of letting know everybody of this.
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  5. what about juggery.

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