Shirdi Sai Baba

View: Rare Photos of Sai Baba (which i found online, recently)

Shirdi Sai Baba (Shirdi Ke Baaba), needs no introduction for Indian nationals, it’s a household name. For the sake of World Citizens, a bit of collected information is posted here. Some known and few rarely known

Let us plainly get into the known history with his blessings for the benefit of all…

A young Fakir (A Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man), was seen first when he was about sixteen, in a small place, called Shirdi (Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra state, INDIA) in 1872 A.D. He was always engaged in Meditations during his daytime and was found sleeping on bare ground during nights. He used to stay under a neem tree, alone, most of the times. Presently, this place is named as Gurusthan (the place of Guru or the master).

Masters place

All of a sudden for few years he was not traced by anybody there.One fine day, he returned back from nowhere along with a marriage procession. Baba requested the priest Mhalaspati to allow him to stay in Khandoba Temple, which was denied because he looked like a Muslim fakir. Instead, he was guided by Mhalaspati to stay in an old damaged Mosque (presently known as Dwarakaamai).He stayed at Dwarakamai, till he attained “Samadhi”, October 15th, 1918 on Dushera Festival.

‘Sai’ is a Persian / Muslim name, and ‘Baba’ is a Hindu name.The name “Sai Baba” is a mix of Hindu and Muslim words, symbolizing ‘creator of oneness among Hindus and Muslims’. In his life and in his teachings he tried to harmonize Hinduism and Islam. Sai Baba lived in a mosque but was buried in a Hindu temple; practiced Hindu and Muslim rituals; and taught using words and figures that drew people from both traditions. He always said “Allah Malik” (“God is Master”) but had a swastika on his forehead. Sai Baba taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, devotion to God and guru. His philosophy was Advaita Vedanta and his teachings consisted of elements of both schools as well as of Bhakti and Islam.

Sai Baba has always stressed on the importance of reciting “Shree Vishnusahasranama”, for the upliftment of individuals.

However distant my people may be, I draw them to me just as we pull a bird to us with a string tied to its foot – Baba

Some rare news as experienced by devotees about Baba, some heard by his contemporaries:

  • ‘Shri Sai Baba looks very illuminious and his eyes so bright that he is shining with Divya Shakti (Divine Power) that no body could gaze at. His face was yellowish golden color.He is tall, about 6 feet high. His arms very long and reaches below his knee.He is neither fat nor thin.
  • Sai Baba used to ask Poojari to draw Swastika Mark on his forehead and to place five Bel- leaves on his forehead before tying his head with the white cloth.
  • Sai Baba looks different at different times and to different devotees. Photographs taken of Sai Baba, looks different in each of them, devotees say. That is one of the traits of Baba as an Avadhoota (Datta Pantheeyas or as Datta Avataari).
  • A devotee of Sai Baba, Shivamma Thayee 104 years of age was interviewed. She had her Ashram – Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Ashram at Ropan Agrahara, Madiwala locality of Bengaluru. She visited Shirdi several times for short durations when Baba was physically present. She narrates “each visit was witnessed by many miracles of Sai Baba and also she has seen Sai Baba stirring with his bare hands, the boiling contents of cooking food, while Sai Baba cooked in Dwarkamai. Further she says Sai Baba was always surrounded by devotees and visitors. He had sharp nose with big nostrils. His eyes were not black; they were blue and deep.Sai Baba’s eyes glittered in the night as the eye of a cat or a tiger.He has a mesmerizing – Love filled eyes.
  • Shri Sai Baba discouraged any questions about his parentage and said that Purush was his FATHER and Maya was his MOTHER. It is said that Sai Baba himself once said to Mhalaspati (an oldest devotee) that ‘he was born in a Yajurvedi Deshastha Brahmin family at Pathri and he was handed over to a Fakir’ as a child. Though, a life long researcher and biographer observe that Sai Baba’s birth remains a mystery and he had not met any individual who had direct knowledge about it. It still remains a mystery.

However distant my people may be, I draw them to me just as we pull a bird to us with a string tied to its foot – Baba

           There are millions of Stories on Miracles that Baba performed; every firm Sai Baba believer has one.Many believe he is an incarnation of “Lord Dattatreya”, a fact which was indirectly indicated by Sai Baba himself. Each Great Master who walked on this earth like Jesus, Babaji, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, identified themselves as an Incarnation of the Divine, i.e., God.

A small suggestion for spiritual enthusiasts, “Keep aside your natural reasoning and logical thinking, when you are reading the life and miracles performed by great masters, many a times the answers are beyond the reach of human thinking.If you are stuck here, there are no alternative routes to reach the Gateway of Divine”.

Do not be obsessed by egotism, imagining that you are the cause of action: everything is due to God – Baba

           The most important source (book) about Sai Baba is Shri Sai Satcharita written in Marathi by Govindrao Ragunath Dabholkar during 1916.It was later translated into English by Nagesh Vasudevanand Gunaji whom Sai Baba nicknamed Hemadpant.This book wholly deals with Sai Baba’s life, his teachings and the miracles he performed. There are many online resources available for this book.

Some links:

No religion was ever intended to be anything more than the Gateway to God as Truth– Baba


There are many Gateways to reach the Supreme; Sai Baba is one such Gateway. When the wall between the Individual and the Sacred is broken, Grace dawns. With Grace, all the hidden channels of humans are unraveled; you listen to your true Intuition. Intuition is developed by Meditations too. Meditation either on Form (in the beginning) or on Formless Meditation helps the soul to evolute.

If formless meditation is difficult, then think of my form just as you see it here. With such meditation, the difference between subject and object is lost and the mind dissolves in unity  –  Baba


‘Come, let us all plunge deep into the LIGHT…and help to transform this plane’

This is the only way we can save our planet for our future generations!!!


Devotees who want to listen to Sai Baba Aarathi’s, can view here:

1. Sai Baba Aarathi

2. Sai Baba Kakadarathi

3. Sai Baba Chalisa


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